Sharing two links.
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I was just on Twitter (chilling out, as I do) and I found a link to a topic about a drunk driver who crashed through the wall of a unit last year killing a great grandmother in Springvale.

I can't reach the attitude that alcohol is still an acceptable substance in our community.
I also find it hard to reach that drinking, once one comes of age, and even before but more among one's peers, is in fact more socially acceptable than not drinking.

The first link, is to the article in question that I found on Twitter:
The second link, is to a thread on my forums, with a blog entry about alcohols unwelcome place in our society:

Your thoughts?

My third entry.
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Hello everyone.
I know, I'm fast becoming a few and far between style of poster. Which, I think is alright...Maybe. I guess I've just been busy between work, parenting, being a husband and being a friend. Also, my newest online venture, Global247 - a debating and discussion forum. - All new members will be appreciated, and will not regret it.

Another post to follow.


My second entry.
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Livejournaling seems to be a Saturday night thing for me.
I guess for me it's the beginning of a one-day weekend.

The joys of being time-poor.

Wife is out of the shower. Gotta go, again. :(
Hope to update you all on everything soon!

My first entry.
Candle, Bright, Thought
I suppose my page looks kind of empty, and I'm really lost for what to write.
I mean, I joined LiveJournal tonight without purpose. My wife was having a shower and I needed something to do, and after hearing about the site when I was still in highschool (like, 2005) and never acting upon it I thought I'd check it out.

I think I'm picking it up quite well. I've joined a group, and added a friend and now I'm working on filling up my page a little bit.

I guess a little about myself.
22. Married. Expecting father. Muslim convert of 5 years. Melbourne, Australia.

Loves; Discussion. Headline News. Interfaith Dialogue.
Hates; Bigotry, and I suppose any hated fueled stupidity in general.

Anyways. Let's see how I go with this thing.
Do many people use it?


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