UnfortunatelyTooFortunate (warshiikh) wrote,

Sharing two links.

I was just on Twitter (chilling out, as I do) and I found a link to a topic about a drunk driver who crashed through the wall of a unit last year killing a great grandmother in Springvale.

I can't reach the attitude that alcohol is still an acceptable substance in our community.
I also find it hard to reach that drinking, once one comes of age, and even before but more among one's peers, is in fact more socially acceptable than not drinking.

The first link, is to the article in question that I found on Twitter:
The second link, is to a thread on my forums, with a blog entry about alcohols unwelcome place in our society:

Your thoughts?
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Personally I think alcohol is disgusting. I'm happy I have a religion that teaches just how awful alcohol really is. I believe it should be made illegal.
Too right, though I don't believe prohibition works, unfortunately. :(
Same as prohibiting any drug (forcefully.)
It needs to be outlined by consensus.

Did you like the blog?
Yes. It was interesting.